Personnel documentation administration services includes:
  • Placement procedures. Employing employee (signing employment contract, financial responsibility contract, preparation of personal files – gathering all needed documents, and copies of them from employees: Document which can confirm identity, Diploma which can confirm education, Sodra Certificate, Children birth certificates, Medical book, Request to employ, order to employ, Journal for employment contract‘s registration, Journal for employment certificates registration, Employment certificate, Notification for Sodra and etc.). Employee file management, documents preparation and control, introduction to work safety, fire safety and internal rules; notifications to necessary institutions etc.
  • AOB (any other business) administration. Changes to labor contracts, preparation of orders, delivery of reports, reports to state institutions, important dates’ reminders (birthdates, work anniversaries), employee file management, etc. 
    • Layoff procedures. Preparation of requests, contract termination, safekeeping of documents, checking whether an employee has settled his or her accounts with an employer. 
  • Dismissal procedures. Preparation of applications, termination of employment contracts, storage of documents, and inspecting whether the employee has completed all procedures related to return of company property.
    • Administration of day-to-day affairs. Change management reporting – preparation of different orders according templates provided by client, salary remitting, Changes in journal for employment contracts registration and etc.

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Successful operation of a company is based on correct perception of human resources importance. We will use the newest technologies to simplify your administrative procedures; we will assume responsibility for recruitment, layoff procedures and any other business administration. We also guarantee that all your documents will be prepared and administered in a law tail manner. You will receive necessary reports, you will be informed of important dates (birthdates, work anniversaries etc.), and therefore, you will be able to focus all of your efforts on your core business activities.