We provide a broad bunch of payroll services:

  • Accounting of working time and salaries;
  • Preparation of information about salaries and partial / advance payments for e-banking;
  • Dispatch of payment slips by e-mail to employees;
  • Accounting of vacation allocations;
  • Accounting and declaration of salary-related taxes;
  • Accounting of salaries for internal use;
  • Storage of historical data related to salaries;
  • Export of labour costs and liabilities, as well as vacation allocations, to bookkeeping software.

Distribution of responsibilities

Once we sign a contract, our company guaranties high quality services, although your company will have to present necessary documents on time. In order to be very effective we have distributed responsibility between us and our clients. You can find the scope and procedure of Payroll calculation services here and get familiar with responsibilities each party agrees to assume.

If you decide to transfer payroll processes to us, you are not going to worry about work time accounting, payroll accounting, notices to employees, tax returns, reports and other minutiae.

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