We provide complete accounting and financial services on the basis of the primary bookkeeping documents. We consult the managers and relevant employees of the company about accounting issues. We prepare tax statements and returns for submission to controlling authorities.

Preparation of documents and reports:

  • Monthly VAT return declaration;
  • Reports to Social funds;
  • Income tax declarations;
  • Pollution and packaging fee declarations;
  • Other statements to tax administrators within the terms prescribed by the laws;
  • Accounting of salaries of the current month with adjustments until the final day of the month (for the current month);
  • Profit tax declarations (including advance profit tax).

Payroll reports to authorities:

  • Reporting about the amounts not related to labour relationships and paid to natural persons;
  • Reporting about the amounts paid to foreigners;
  • Reporting about dismissals from work;
  • Reporting to the State Labour Inspectorate about the employees working part time when their work time is shorter than 3 working days a week;
  • Reporting about the paid vacation of employees. Reporting about the vacation pays to employees.

The following work is carried out as a part of accounting services:

  • Provision to the client of the information about latest changes in the legal accounting requirements;
  • Reporting to the client about company’s activities results on a monthly basis;
  • Preparation of bank transfer documents;
  • Submission of the reports and declarations to the Tax Authorities.

As has been mentioned above, BPO House undertakes to submit the reports and declarations to the Authorities.

BPO House specialists use innovative accounting software and guarantee that the accounting job will be done perfectly.  We will personally be responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the data you entrust to us.