BPO House undertakes to provide you with the following services:

  • Full accounting services;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Personell documentation administration;

We are able to assist you in company registration, finding the office, negotiate a contract with a landlord in order to get the best terms and conditions available in Vilnius. BPO House would be able to make sure that your office is functioning and all additional services (on top what the landlord supplies) are provided, i.e. supply of a furniture, Internet, computers, etc. All these service could have a fixed monthly price.

Once we sign a contract, our company guaranties high quality services, although your company will have to present necessary documents on time. In order to be very effective we have distributed responsibility between us and our clients. 

Benefits  to you

  • You will be able to focus on the main activities of your company since we will take over all tasks of personnel administration, accounting of salaries, and bookkeeping;
  • We will reduce your load of responsibilities because BPO House will take responsibility for quality administration;
  • You will reduce your expenses and plan your budget easier because we will submit a single invoice for a fixed amount;
  • You will reduce risk because we are using the most advanced IT technologies, allowing us to control processes very accurately;
  • You will make your administrative procedures simpler and reduce paperwork in the office because we will be responsible for the administration and storage of all files;
  • You will receive top class services and regular control because BPO House is a leader in corporate process rental services.


The price depends on your company‘s size and the extent of chosen service package. Our specialists examine your company and suggest which services should be essential for your business. However, we provide the possibility to decide independently on service you want to obtain.