Who we are

BPO House provides business process outsourcing services. The company is a part of Alna group – a privately owned IT company founded in 1989 with more than 400 employees today. 

BPO House offers the widest range of business process outsourcing services in the Lithuanian market. Having a strong IT background, we use a leading technology to provide our services in the following areas:

BPO House services allow customers to focus more on core competencies, simplify administrative procedures and reduce costs while ensuring competent support, high quality, security and confidentiality. 

Specific activities of our clients and peculiarities of accounting, payroll calculation and management of personnel documentation require high qualification, knowledge of international and national accounting standards, also particularly good knowledge of taxation laws and labour legislation effective in Lithuania.


Our company has many years of professional experience in accounting, payroll calculation and administration of personnel documentation of large companies and organisations both in Lithuania and abroad.

BPO House achievements:

  • We calculate wages for more than 2400 employees every month;
  • We administrate personnel documents for more than 2500 employess; 
  • Annual wage amount calculated on behalf of clients is around 36 M Euros;
  • We serve companies with stuff between 600 - 800 employees.

Company BPO House has strong differences – superior service, technology leadership, and wide service portfolio.

  • After you entrust your secondary business areas to BPO House, you will be able to focus all your attention on implementation and development of your core business idea.
  • The portfolio of our business processes management outsourcing services is especially diverse. Therefore, you may have one partner for developing of non-core business areas – your time, finance and labor input will be considerably smaller.
  • We assume all responsibility for careful, attentive, and professional development of those business areas, which have been entrusted to us, whereas you may rest, assured knowing that these areas will be developed by means of our vast experience and good understanding of our business.
  • When doing our work we draw on innovative technologies.  This provides you serious competitive advantage.
  • We are very attentive to the needs and wishes of our clients; we are seeking mutually pleasant cooperation.
  • We assure that all data, which you entrust to us, will be safely kept confidential.
  • When cooperating with us you will be able to easily plan your non-core business development expenses – we will present a single invoice with fixed amount.   

Outsourcing of business processes, which allows companies to concentrate their attention on their core activities, is becoming ever more popular among Lithuanian companies, therefore, BPO House is developing the range of services offered by it from the very beginning of its activities.

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